Dear Outsourcer's...


We’re sorry that we do not waste our time responding to your many, many, persistent emails about outsourcing our work to India, so we felt it was about time we wrote back to you all in one go.


We would have thought that after months of ignoring your many emails, that you would have got the hint, but apparently not, since one particular company emails daily to alert us that we are ignoring them.


So we thought we’d give you all some constructive criticism about your ridiculous proposals, and maybe shed some light on why we don’t waste our precious time responding.


1) Badly written proposals.

If you send a proposal, the most important document you can send a business when after their work, that makes bad use of spelling, bad punctuation and appalling grammar as an advertisement for your ‘quality’ services, it will work as a very strong advertisement, an advertisement that shows just how bad, rushed, and unprofessional your work is.


Why would we want to give that to any of my clients? We have a reputation to uphold and build upon, a reputation for quality, not one for shoddy products like that you will inevitably produce…


2) Pestering does not win our business… Get it!?

Yes – we did receive your email, you do not need to send it multiple times per day, to all of our mailboxes, just take the hint: we’re not responding because we are not interested.


Clogging our mailboxes with this, well junk, quite frankly, will not win us over and change our mind.


Just do the respectable thing… Go away!


3) Crap Quality portfolio…

OK – wow, you have created numerous websites, and have sent us a sample of them. Sure, we’ll take a look. Some of it is pretty decent. Great stuff, well done! You have done something right…


Oh no wait a minute, within a second glance we spot:


Sort it out!


OK – So that’s it from us, those are the three biggest problems we have with all of the “fastest growing web design companies in India” (yes – you all claim that!).


Maybe, just maybe, if you were to implement the improvements we recommend, we might spend ten seconds reading your email before deleting it. That’s maybe. We’re not making any promises…