We are 5 Years Old!


Image courtesy of Graphics Mouse at FreeDigitalPhotos.netWebetecture have now been in business for over five years (we actually turned 5 in May, but we’ve been busy), and what a journey it has been.


We’ve celebrated a number of achievements and faced a number of challenges which we have overcome.





Like all businesses we’ve had our challenges; in 2014-15 we saw our income nose-dive, which came as quite a shock, especially since the number of invoices issued continued to grow. After a quick analysis, we observed that we hadn’t won as many bids as in previous years, and so we acted and changed our pricing strategy for 2015-16, which has yielded an improvement in the number of bids won


What next?

You may have noticed we’ve been a little introverted these past few weeks, where, apart from being busy with customer projects, we have been taking a good look at ourselves in the mirror and have concluded that we still have some way to go!


So, over the coming weeks we shall continue conducting a thorough review of our business, assessing our products and services, our strategy for growth, how we serve our customers, and from this review we shall embed improvements, redefine our strategy and communicate the outcomes to you via this blog.


All communications to do with this review shall be made available on our blog under the topic “Business Updates”.