Support & Maintenance

Monthly Maintenance

Every month we will log on to your website, and perform several routine checks to ensure that your website is functioning properly.

These checks include:

Not only do we do functional maintenance, but should you want to perform edits to your website's content, or post a new blog post, simply e-mail them over, and we'll upload them within 3 working days.

It's as simple as hiring Webetecture, to ensure that your web presence is hassle free!

From as little as £18 per month, our monthly maintenance includes:

Other Maintenance Options

If you don't want a monthly maintenance plan, then maybe the following will be better suited:

Quarterly Maintenance

Every three months, we will sign on to your website, run our series of health checks that we do for monthly plans, and perform any content updates you require, so your website is prepared for the next quarter!

The cost of this service is currently the same as the monthly maintenance, one period of three months will cost £54, and is bound by the same terms and conditions.


You do not need to have a monthly plan, you can just give us a call as and when you need us. Simply tell us what you need, and we'll draw you up a quote. On acceptance of the quote, we will do the work for you!


You may prefer to maintain the website yourself, or have your own IT department do it for you, and that's fine by us! We can even make life easier for you/your IT department, and produce a manual showing you how your website does what it does!

FAQ: Website Maintenance
We answer all your questions on our website maintenance service. Got a question not listed? Send it to us, and we shall answer!

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