EU Cookie Law: EUseless


First off on our new topical blog is the EU Cookie Law, which although came into effect nearly a month ago, we feel is tremendously important to write about.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are little text files that are downloaded onto your computer, files which store information about what you do on the internet – user behaviour. Yes! Almost every website is watching you to some extent.


If you want to read more, then here’s a Wikipedia article:


What are Cookies used for?

The EU Cookie Law – in a nutshell

Our stance: EU Cookie Law is EUseless.

Please understand: Webetecture are not against user’s having privacy and greater control over that privacy – in fact we’re very much in favour – however we do not believe this new law will actually do anything useful to improve our current degree of privacy…


So why do we think it's EUseless? Well, here's a few reasons:

What action have we taken?

Some advice:

For our web design clients…
Fortunately for our past clients, we have not resorted to the use of Cookie’s, and we can confirm that all websites that have been developed by Webetecture comply with the new EU cookie law – so don’t panic!


For our hosting clients…
If your website does not comply with the EU cookie law, then please, we do encourage that you look into their removal as soon as possible, or implement a system whereby you can obtain user consent!


And for those of you who are not our clients…
We can help you to make your site comply with the EU Cookie Law – contact us, and we’ll sort you out!


That’s all folks!

We do hope that you have enjoyed our venomous post about the EU Cookie Law. Feel free to comment, share, whatever.

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