Emergency: Your Facebook Privacy could be at stake!


Sorry for the lateness of this blog post, we’ve only just received the email!


In amongst all the other junk that Facebook send to your inbox is a crafty email, an email that asks you to cast your vote on quite a serious issue…


Basically, do you want to be consulted, and asked to vote, on Facebook’s, frequent, policy changes!


This presents a scary thought – Facebook being able to change things whenever they want and however they want without asking your consent, that is, without putting it to the public vote.


And the vote is complicated, it’s not a simple “yes” or “no” vote, oh no, you are given the choice of:


The public need 300,000 opposing votes to stop this action.


We voted against. Along with, at the time of writing, 360,369 Facebook users. So the public has spoken, but we need to show them quite how angry we are about this action!


You have until December 10th at 12:00pm to vote against this.


Facebook want to take away what little democracy we have on the website.

We cannot let this happen.


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