An exploration of CSS3 (1/2)


Over the next two blog posts, we shall be conducting a look into the latest generation of CSS and HTML. Yes, that’s right: this is a two-part series. So, lets get started:


What is CSS3?

Firstly, for those that do not know, CSS stands for Cascading StyleSheet. A Cascading StyleSheet is a file that contains the styling information of a website.


In the old days, styling was added into the HTML documents direct, embedded in the html code, which would prove a nightmare if you needed to make a change that affected every page on a website.


The solution was simple: to create and introduce a new means of applying style, a means which all style information would be stored in a separate file, and called upon where necessary.


The result was simpler HTML files containing mainly content, and a CSS file containing all the presentation information. For a number of reasons, CSS made website development more efficient.


So, what’s new?

Well, quite a lot, that will save many developers much time.


We quite like the look of:

There are more to be explored, but we’re just going to highlight a handful, of what we consider to be the best five that will have the most significant impact upon web design in the not-to-distant future.



CSS3 is great – it does represent a great step forward in supplying designers with options that will make design easier, but we cannot fully recommend it because:



In the next blog post, we will aim to explore HTML5, and determine what it has to offer.

Exciting stuff!



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