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Although we concluded the technology two-part-series with our recent HTML5 post, this post does tie in quite closely with them, so please; do feel free to have a read of the CSS3 and HTML5 posts.


Get a better browser…

So, why should you upgrade your browser?

Three good reasons:

  1. Older browsers are insecure. Newer, modern browsers have a number of new methods to tackle security threats, such as phishing. Unfortunately, as one threat is solved, more and more vulnerabilities are found and exploited… But if you keep up to date, shouldn’t be a problem!
  2. Older browsers cost businesses more, which costs you, and everyone else, more. Due to the fact that, not so long ago, a number of user’s still used Internet Explorer (IE) 6, companies had to accommodate for these users – to build websites with alternative styling and functionality, to reach these users. This cost money. This cost would, of course, be added to the cost of the product, for everyone.
  3. Older browsers do not support modern standards. How exactly is the internet supposed to evolve, if people are using browsers that do not support the latest and greatest technology?


The stats

According to stats collected by W3Schools, the browser share, for June 2012, and June 2011 in brackets, looks a little like (in order or popularity, of course):

  1. Google Chrome: 41.7%           (27.9%)
  2. Firefox: 34.4%                         (42.2%)
  3. Internet Explorer: 16.7%         (23.2%)
  4. Safari: 4.1%                             (3.7%)
  5. Opera: 2.2%                            (2.4%)


So, what can we take from this? Well the good news is that people are coming to their senses and pulling away from IE, to a much more modern, more secure, more frequently updated browser, such as Firefox and Chrome.


So maybe, just maybe, if the decline in use for IE continues, and users continue to flock to Firefox, Chrome or Safari, we can get user’s up to speed, use the best of what HTMl5 and CSS3 has to offer, and build a better, more user friendly, more secure, more exciting and interesting web.


Get Upgrading…

Upgrade, become secure, enjoy the latest, save the world some money, and join the trend and abandon IE… Just follow these links to upgrade to a better browsing experience…


Thank us later…


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