Happy New Year – 2014!


Happy New Year 2014!We hope you have had a relaxed and enjoyable Christmas, and wish you a happy and prosperous new year!


Like everyone, at this time of a new year, we take some time to reflect on the year just gone, and come up with some resolutions for the year ahead.


2013 has been a good year for us. We’ve taken on a number of web design projects (some of which will be launching early 2014), we launched a brand new website of our own, with far easier navigation and more information, and we have upgraded our hosting facility.


However, in 2013, when we were busy with project work, it has to be said that our blog, our social media presence, and our own website have all suffered.


In fact, whilst working on projects for our customers, we neglected our own website to the extent that we have dropped in the rankings on Google, following a number of updates we have failed to respond to. However, we have got there before, and we shall get there again!


So, for 2014, we will:

  1. Stop neglecting our blog. We must continue to write informative, engaging articles on what is happening in the web design industry.
  2. Stop neglecting our social media presence.
  3. To get back to where we were in the ranking of search engines, and get back on course to the number one spot!


In addition to this we must continue to develop high quality websites for our customers, and continue to enhance our hosting capability.


Over the coming weeks we shall start a series of blog posts on search engine optimisation, explaining what it is, what changes have taken place in 2013, and what you can do to start rising through the rankings!


Image courtesy of Idea go / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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