SEO Tips - April 2016


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.netFive search engine optimisation top tips for April 2016:


  1. When deciding on how to structure your website, think ‘one page, one keyword’, and provide some truly specialised quality content.
  2. Be social, find a blog on your specialty, and post an informed comment, add to the discussion, and place a link. Not only does this get you noticed, but also, even if the link is a no-follow, it will add to a balanced bank link profile.
  3. The way people use the internet has been changing over the past few years, with people moving away from traditional desktop PCs, to mobile devices. Is your website mobile friendly?
  4. Does your website load quickly enough? A slow site is a low ranking site… Speed it up! Especially for mobile devices which could be on slower connections.
  5. XML Sitemaps help search engines understand your website. Provide one, and keep it up-to-date!


Over the coming weeks we shall be posting about how we are strengthening and improving our hosting capability, launching a new line up of hosting plans which are bigger and better than ever before, celebrating our 5th birthday, and of course posting more Search Engine Optimisation advice.