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A few posts back, back in July, we wrote an article on WordPress security and what you can do to improve it, in which we highlighted several useful tips to increase the security of your WordPress powered website.


The writing of the post was triggered by one of our hosting clients, who had their WordPress powered website hacked; we were called in, and to our knowledge at the time, believed our efforts had been successful in restoring the website, and making it more secure.


But we were wrong…

Yes, our efforts, sadly, were not enough, and our client’s website was once again the victim of the same group of relentless hackers.


So – once again, we were called to the rescue, knowing that if we were to be successful, we had to seriously up our game, not only did we use the same measures as the previous post, but we also installed various security plugins, to allow us to further improve the security, including measures such as:

And a whole host of other measures, that for the security of our clients, we shall not post here.


Given this ordeal that we believe to have effectively dealt with, we are proud to announce a new hosting plan:


‘WordPress Hosting’

Costing just £1.85 per month, with absolutely no set-up fees, we will:


And even:


Then, for each month you stay with us, we will:


JOIN US – and together we can ensure that you experience a strong, secure, and safe WordPress powered Internet presence.


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