Student Hosting just got better!


Just as another academic year is set to start, we thought we would write a post to remind all you students out there of our ‘Student Hosting’ deal, which has just become even better!


For just £5 per year, you will receive:

So basically – lots of space, no limits!


‘What can I do with this space?’

You might ask, well the possibilities are endless:


‘But I am in my final year of university, there’s not long to benefit’

You might say, but you’d be wrong…


We’ll let you purchase anything up to four years in advance, even if you only have one more year of being a student: we will let you keep the deal for the remaining duration, and we won’t even hassle you for extra money – not once! We promise!


‘You said it gets better… How can it?’

From the 5th of September 2012, we are extending our ‘student hosting’ to include:

Before, this service was limited to University students, but not anymore! Now that’s a significant improvement – right?


This service costs just £5 per year – a price every student can afford!


Sign up now!


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