FAQ: Website Maintenance


What does the standard £18 per month Maintenance package include?

For just £18 per month, we will:

What happens when I exceed these two hours labour?

You will be prompted for a decision on whether to continue or not. If you choose to continue, you shall be billed at an hourly rate. The current rate is defined in our terms and conditions.


What happens when I wish to update the content of my website?

Send us your amendments, and highlight where you want these to go. We will put them online within three working days, and report back.


How do I know what work has been done each month?

At the end of each month, we will provide you our ‘Maintenance Report’. This report will detail the checks we have performed, the number of content updates we have performed, any issues that have been found, the corrective action, and a log of labour.


How am I billed for maintenance?

We will contact you each month will details on how much is payable, and a range of options on how to pay (we currently accept bank transfer, cheque’s, cash and PayPal).

Alternatively, the client can feel free to set up a standing order to make regular, automated, payments each month, through their banking provider.


Do I have to be tied to a monthly contract to be covered for maintenance?

No – we can provide a range of alternative arrangements, and it is advised that you contact us should an alternative be more appealing. We’re open to negotiation!

Alternatives include, but not limited to:

What kind of content updates can I process?

Anything; a few examples of content updates are:

Any further questions…

As always – feel free to email us any further questions you may have, and we shall, not only, post them here, but we will respond directly to you, where we can discuss any queries you have at length.


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