The ‘Gameover Zeus’ and ‘CryptoLocker’ Threats


Image courtesy of chanpipat / FreeDigitalPhotos.netAs you may have seen in the news this week and last, there is two new, related, threats to your online security, and given the coverage in the media alone, you should realise, this threat is very, very, serious.


What are the threats?

Our advice is to:

The advice above is nothing specific to this threat; it is simple, sound advice to staying secure and safe online.


In addition to this, you should download and run McAfee Stinger, an application that can detect and remove both ‘Gameover Zeus’ and ‘CryptoLocker’.


For more information

Visit the Get Safe Online website at: where they have published an article on this threat, and list a number of free tools to detect these latest threats.  

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