Great news for Cyrptolocker victims!


Image courtesy of chanpipat / FreeDigitalPhotos.netOn 10th June, we posted this article on ‘Gameover Zeus’ and the ‘Cryptolocker’ virus, and since then, the news has been relatively quiet about the impact of these threat’s, or any resolution for their victims. Until now.


Recap: Cryptolocker

Cryptolocker is a particularly nasty piece of malware; a malicious program that, once downloaded, encrypts the files on your computer, essentially denying you access to them.


When victims would attempt to open their files, they would be presented with a ransom – pay a substantial amount of money and the files shall be returned, supposedly. Of course, there was never a guarantee that they would be returned.


And now, there’s a solution

Some security experts have managed to obtain a copy of the Cryptolocker’s database, where stored within, are they keys needed to unlock a victim’s files.


So, being the nice chaps that they are, they have set up an online portal, where victims can go and get the key to unlock their files, for free.


Go to and take back your files!

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