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You may not believe this, but such a simple thing as clicking “like” on a status update of that Facebook page you previously liked can really, really, help a business out with its social marketing, and well, overall marketing strategy.


An example…

If we were to post a status saying “Website Design from £39 per page,”, and all of our Facebook Page’s Likes (at time of writing, 34 people) were to either like this status, comment on this status, or share this status, it has potential to be freely advertised to 13740 people, through news feeds, profiles, and the ‘ticker’.


Just to place some extra emphasis on that, that is one “like”, which takes one second to do, has broadcast that status to thirteen thousand, seven hundred and forty people!


Now we do realise that the majority of people will ignore this, but if even a quarter of those 13740 visited our page or website, we’ve successfully reached out to 3435 people! Not bad for about a seconds worth of effort, is it?


So – why should you care?

It will save you money.


If you contribute that one ‘like’ every once in a while, you could help a business turn over more money, for a free piece of advertising.


You are therefore more likely to pay less for our services (because our expenditure would be less, obviously) than with a company that has to plough copious amounts of money into advertising.


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