PlusNet Broadband: Fast, Cheap & Reliable!


Back in November 2012, we started a series of blog posts evaluating broadband across a variety of providers: Orange, O2 Mobile, PlusNet and Virgin.


So far we have evaluated Orange and O2 Mobile, but not Virgin or PlusNet.


We today, we evaluated PlusNet. We feel we have been with them long enough to arrive at a firm conclusion on the quality of their broadband provision, so here it is.


We’ve been with PlusNet now since 13th November 2012 – and so far – we have to say we are quite satisfied with their Internet connection. It is:

And at £6.49 per month, we would say it represents excellent value for money!


Only thing is that the PlusNet do insist upon a usage allowance for their cheapest package of 10GB. Which – if you are a heavy user of the Internet, may be far from the right choice for you, however they do have unlimited packages, if you are willing to pay a little bit more, or, if you can limit your heavy use to overnight, it does not, currently, come out of your data allowance!


So – if you are looking for a landline based broadband connection, we would highly recommend PlusNet.

Coming Soon: Virgin Broadband.