Supporting Charities


The good news is that we do make our services available to charities and charitable organisations. In this page we set out to provide an outline of the service you can expect from Webetecture.


Charities are entitled to a five-page website, complete with contact form and sitemap. This also includes free hosting.


Anything beyond this package shall have to be paid for. Charities are entitled to discounted rates against all of our services. At the time of writing (15th February 2013), these discount rates are:

We are a business and so understandably, we cannot offer this service to all charities, all of the time.


At the time of writing we can only cater for one charitable transaction per month. We will, however, keep a waiting list and work through them systematically when we have the resource available to do so.


Websites developed for charities, may be used throughout our website to showcase our work, and may not be removed.


Like all our clients, all work is bound by our terms and conditions.




We look forward to hearing from you!