DIY Websites: A Disaster! (2/3)


In our last post, we took a look at how having a website is becoming more and more affordable. Affordable is a great word – something that is not cheap, represents quality, but at the same time, is inexpensive.


In today’s post we’re set to examine the problem with dirt cheap, template driven, pay monthly, do-it-yourself websites, the likes that VistaPrint try so hard to sell to everyone.


For some time now companies, such as VistaPrint and 1&1 Internet ltd, have offered a new website design service: a service whereby you create your own website, from a library of designs, and add your own content for a fixed, low cost, monthly fee.


These companies try their hardest to push this service, because ultimately, it generates them a significant amount of money – which is fine – but these services also pose a threat to the web design industry, the internet, and, of course, website designer’s.


Our main problem, which surprisingly is not that these services take opportunities to make money away from us, it is that this service is plaguing the Internet with an abundance of mediocre website that look pretty much identical. Now, we live in a world where:

As each other, because we are not the same, we are individuals with unique likes, interests, hobbies and aspirations. It would be tremendously mundane if everything was the same; so why should the Internet be any different? It doesn’t have to be…


Second issue: if everyone took up these cheap, tacky, samey website services, the need for website designers and developers will drop, which eventually will push many out of the industry, slow down the number joining the industry, until there is but a minority left. A minority which eventually will be in demand, and will be able to charge whatever they like, and so the industry would go through the opposite notion to that detailed in our last post.


Contact us for a free quotation – we’re friendly and hard working – we’ll have a discussion and determine what you want, and complete a fully bespoke, quality, website, tailored to your every need!


Together, we’ll ensure that your website is as unique and individual as yourself, and your business.


Don’t blend into the background and let your rivals take your visitors and potential customers!

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