Pay Monthly Website Design (3/3)


Times are tough.

You know that, we know that.


Not a day goes by without us being reminded that the UK is (currently) in recession, followed by the usual doom and gloom the news brings.


Spending is slowing, and for businessmen everywhere, the urge to cut business spending becomes almost irresistible – the notion to hang on to as much capital becomes stronger – but you should never let your web presence suffer!


You should invest in your website.

Websites are an investment. Website open your business to a whole new, otherwise lost, audience, to new potential customers, twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year!


If you have no presence on the Internet, you are potentially losing money – just throwing it away…


But as we said before, times are tough…

And that is why we are launching a new pay monthly option to our web design services, with many benefits:


Let’s explain:


Yes – no interest. We do not even charge you interest to use this scheme!



Let’s say you want to pay it off early – that’s fine – your money is always gratefully received – and we won’t penalise you for being eager to pay it off!


However, if you do not pay, and payment is more than one month late, and we suspend your website, you may have to pay an administrative fee to put the website back online… But that’s really our only charge.



We don’t mind if you want to do this over six months, or thirty-six months – as long as we get the full amount of money we are entitled to, we can happily arrange repayment to help you!


We’ve updated our terms and conditions with the details, read them, then get in touch – we’d love to help!

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