FAQ: Web Design


How much will it cost to design and build a website?

This very much depends on your requirements; that is what you need your website for. A small website, of little to no complexity would start at around £200. For an accurate answer to this question, contact us; tell us what you want, and we will oblige with a free quotation.


Will we need to conduct meetings regarding the website's design?

Not necessarily. Webetecture utilise electronic communication as much as possible, that is by sending e-mails, conducting conversations over an Instant Messenger, and by the sharing of documents. By conducting all communications over the internet, inevitably, we reduce the cost of the web design, by removing the need for travel.


Can you re-design my website?

Yes. We offer our refurbishment service. We will design you a new website, and fill it with the content from your old one, or if you have newer content you would like to incorporate into your new website, we will oblige.


I want a dynamic database driven site, can you help?

Of course we can. Dynamic websites can be quite pricey, and you are strongly advised to contact us immediately. We can then discuss your requirements, estimate the amount of time it will take, and give you a free quotation!


How long would it take to develop and build my website?

Again, this depends on the complexity of your website. The bigger the website, the longer it will take to develop. Again, if you contact us, we can estimate how long it will take. Webetecture work hard to deliver quality websites, in the shortest amount of time possible.



Do you use templates to develop your websites?

No. All our websites are hand-coded. This is the only way to ensure that we deliver the bespoke designs and functionality we're proud to create.



Do you create Content Management Based websites?

We do. We actually have our own secure Content Management Systems, WCMS, which is our preference, and our customer’s do tend to review it well!

But we can, should you wish, work with other Content Management Systems, such as WordPress, Joomla etc.

Contact us for your free quote!


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