SEO Tips - February 2016


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.netFor this month we’re focusing on content and effective hyperlinking practices. Here are your 5 search engine optimisation top tips from Webetecture:


  1. The maximum length of page titles on Google’s results pages is roughly 512pixels. Make them count.
  2. Be sure to post new and updated content regularly. Search engines love fresh content. Maybe launch a blog, like ours, or a regularly updated portfolio.
  3. Link to other websites with good quality relevant content. To search engines, this represents a vote of confidence in the site, and if its of decent quality, it will strengthen the impression that you are an authority on your subject area. And who knows? Maybe they’ll notice and link you back!
  4. Don’t hold back on linking to other pages within your own website; show that you have further content relevant to the subject matter. And be sure to use absolute links (full URL, http and everything!), not only will this prevent future issues, it will also earn you a back-link should anyone ‘scrape’ the content.
  5. Avoid hyperlinks with rubbish anchor text such as “Click Here”, or “Read me”, wherever possible (sometimes it pretty much isn’t). Your anchor text should be an accurate description of the information to be found at the page being linked to. Aim to give humans and search engines a summary.


Have a question on SEO? Send your questions on SEO to our mailbox: we shall address them in an upcoming post!