SEO Tips - March 2016


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.netFive search engine optimisation top tips for March 2016:

  1. If you cannot avoid using JavaScript drop down menus, image maps, images in anchor text or elements of Flash, be sure to have some other quality content with text links elsewhere on the page.
  2. When choosing your anchor text use phrases instead of single words. Single word anchor text just screams out that you’re only focusing on search engines, when Google et al want you to satisfy your visitors! It will also enable you to be found for even more search terms.
  3. Check links back to your home page – are you linking to index.html or default.php? If so, drop the filename, and just link to your domain – you are splitting the reputation between the two links.
  4. In terms of SEO you do not gain any benefit from paid advertising/links.
  5. Links from .edu domains are golden - if you have an opportunity for one, grab it with both hands!


Over the coming weeks we shall be posting about how we are strengthening and improving our hosting capability, launching a new line up of hosting plans which are bigger and better than ever before, and of course posting more Search Engine Optimisation advice.